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Something old, something new....Nešto staro, nešto novo.......

I wore a new black blazer in my last outfit ( click  here ) and I'm wearing an old one in this outfit. The brooch I'm wearing is my own creation, made from faux leather and coffee. Yes, you read that right. Coffee!!! I glued coffee beans onto the faux leather base (cut out from a second hand faux leather coat so that's basically triple recycling) and then I decorated the brooch with nail-polish. Usually I don't use glue for DIY projects, but that time I decided to make an exception. How do you like my creation? Now, I will say a few words about the location because to me they are as important as outfits. You know that I love sharing beautiful places with you. Do you like bridges? If you do, you will most likely enjoy visiting Mostar city. Do know how Mostar city got its name? The noun 'most' means bridge and -ar is a suffix used to create an occupation. You know like suffix -r is added to a verb 'drive' to form a noun 'driver'. So, mostar