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How to style an olive green blazer? My outfit proposal of the day would suggest a dark palette. I don't typically wear dark tones, especially not for spring but there are some darker tones that appeal to me, for example I can't resist a dark green palette. As it happens, I like to pair it with black. I do like the black aesthetic, but generally speaking I'm more drawn to patterns and colours. Black is a colour too, I can't argue with that.  Even if black is not my favourite colour, it is still a colour I love. For many, black is the colour of mystery, strength and elegance. Like any colour, it has many connotations. So, for today I have a dark outfit proposal. Perfect for those of you who believe that black is the new black. All of the photographs I'm sharing today were taken in beautiful Mostar, the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of my favourite things about Mostar are all those lovely historical villas from the time of the old Austrian Hunga


Hello darlings, today I'll show you two pastel portraits I made. As I told you, until the start of this this year I didn't have that much experience with pastels. I was gifted some art supplies, so I gave pastels a try and liked it. Now, it seems I took to pastels quite quickly. Take for example this pastel Valentino fashion illustration , I quite enjoyed making that one. Trying out new mediums can be quite instructive. Back to my two portrait pastel drawings. I drew these two without a reference, and now I can think of a number of women they remind me of. I'm getting early Christian art vibes from the first one, maybe because of those big eyes. I do like how they turned out. It is always interesting to let your imagination run loose. Perhaps it is even necessary in the art process. I think I said this before, but I find that both drawing with and without a reference is important for developing our art skills.   A GIRL WITH PASSIONATE EYES, PASTEL DRAWING A GIRL WI