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Sunday is all about comfort / Nedjelja je za opuštanje

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER VISIT TO MEĐUGORJE! POST UPDATE  I've blogged about Međugorje many times. I will include some links below in case you want to have a look.  STYLING A LEATHER JACKET FOR A VISIT TO MEĐUGORJE (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA) 2020  DECEMBER 2020 - MEĐUGORJE- A GREEN OASIS OF PEACE AND QUIET - Being sustainable with travel is another great idea if you are looking to make a difference. You can do it by being a local tourist and exploring the areas you would otherwise visit for various.   The location where these photographs were taken is Međugorje (Medjugorje), a small touristic village in Herzegovina. Most of tourists that come to this village do so for religious reasons as Medjugorje is one of the most visited  Christian pilgrimage sites, but you can also come to enjoy the nature. If you're interested to see and learn more about Međugorje, you can also visit my old post shot at thi