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February recap / sažetak veljače

Many of my fashion illustrations were inspired by the month of love I have been working on a few paintings...maybe I'll post about them some day but not for now... The emphasis continues to be on fashion illustrations.... a wonderful novel  by Kureishi that questions the connection between our body and soul  Amy Tan is an author that I would highly recommend to all the daughters and mothers. In her works she is quite successful at portraying and examining that special connection that exists between a mother and a daughter. DIY vases made from old shampoo and detergent bottles As always I took more photographs then I had actually shared but it's hard to find place for everything If we're going to trust the Croatian proverb (ljubav ulazi kroz želudac)  that states that a way to someone's heart is trough their stomach ( the English version would be love enters trough the kitchen)  then I have deserved someone's heart for I have