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Hello readers! How are you doing? I've just finished uploading some of my new designs to my shop and now I'm ready to wrap this pre-written post up and share it with you. I do sometimes prepare and write my posts in advance (for example during the weekend). In this post, I shall share two more casual chic outfits  I wore for strolling Mostar city. Speaking of that, Mostar is the real star of this post. In fact, I'll share photographs of Mostar old city centre and famous bridge.  I organized them in collages so hopefully this post won't take long to load. You see, I think of everything (at least sometimes!).  All of these photographs were taken in Mostar city (on two different days). As you can see, these two all black  outfits are all about being comfortable and warm. I've been sharing mostly casual outfits lately because that is what I wore for hiking and walking.  Available for sale  HERE THE STORY OF MY OUTFITS- HOW I WORE THESE FASHION ITEMS BEFORE?  I'm sh