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Inspired By The Sea: Acrylic Paintings

Today I will show you some new sea inspired art I've been working on. I've painted two seaside landscapes lately and I'm working on some new sea inspired art. The medium for both of these paintings is acrylic on mixed art paper. I do like working on this kind of paper, it's a fun alternative to canvas. Soon I will have a new group exhibition and I'm looking forward to showing you those works as well. Do you love the sea? Are you inspired by the sea? With these two paintings, I really concentrated on the waves. I do love to watch the restless movement of the sea. When I used to live by the sea, I could stare at the sea for hours. There is something quite magical about it. A few years ago I wrote this ( here ): 'Science proved that life on Earth originated in the sea but in our hearts we must have had always felt it. Why otherwise would we feel so inspired by the sea? Who of us has not felt his or her heart opening up while mesmerized by the dee