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Hello dear readers & fellow bloggers! How are you? Today I'm back with 6 new spring outfits. Last time I shared a collection of outfits was here . I typically share my outfit photographs jointly with my art , travel and book review posts , but sometimes I like to share a few outfits together in a single post. A little fashion update, if you will. You know, it was only after I put this post together that one thing occurred to me. I'm wearing the same bag with all of these outfits. Isn't it funny how that happens? I still have quite a few outfits to share so there might be more posts like this in future. There are also a few travel posts from island Hvar that I saved but haven't shared yet.  We'll just have to wait and see what I will feel like sharing before, won't we? In the meantime,  scroll down to see what have I been wearing lately.  OUTFIT IDEA #1: PINK CARDI PAIRED WITH A WHITE  OFF SHOULDER TUNICS, BELLISSIMA SKIRT AND HEELED BOOTS  I remember how ha