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My fashion illustrations (Why I love Winter?) / Moje modne ilustracije (Zašto volim zimu?)

Here are some of the fashion illustrations that I have made yesterday.No matter how much time I repeat that I'm more a summer person, the truth is that I adore winter clothes (and winter  fashion naturally). I love coats, long and short, oversize and tailored, black and colourful...(and don't get me started on puffers jackets, I've adored them since they fist appeared.) 
Evo neke od jučerašnjih modnih ilustracija. Koliko god ponavljala da sam više ljetna osoba, ne mogu poreći da obožavam zimsku odjeću (i modu naravno). Obožavam kapute, duge i kratke, nekoliko brojeva veće i one uske, crne i šarene ( a da nekažem ništa o perjanicama, njih obožavam otkada su se pojavile) .

Let's not forget... It is the winter that offers us endless possibilities when it comes to accessorizing. Variety of hats you can opt for in wintertime is impressive (berets, beanies, trilby hat etc) and so the same goes for gloves, scarfs and all other creative clothing items designed to make us warm. …