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The End of the Affair (outfit post and reading recommendation)

Hello, there! In this post, I will do more than show you what I wore. I'll recommend a movie and a book to you. The End of the Affair is a novel by Graham Greene. I watched the movie and read the book for a class at the University- and I was very grateful to my teacher for the discovery of both.  Do you wear summer hats? Most of the time I do. I figured out that this way I feel a lot more cool...and I mean that in the literal sense of the word, in the sense of "not feeling overheated." Besides, isn't there something romantic about hats? Especially the lady- like hats? Speaking of which- Have you seen the film  " The End of the Affair"? If you haven't, you might want to do it. I LOVED IT. It's really, such a beautiful love story. A HAUNTING QUOTE THAT DESCRIBES WHEN THE PROTAGONIST REALIZES THEIR LOVE WAS DOOMED  “I became aware that our love was doomed; love had turned into a love affair with a beginning and an end. I could name the very moment whe