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The End of the Affair (outfit post)

Do you wear summer hats? Most of the time I do. I figured out that this way I feel a lot more cool...and I mean that in the literal sense of the word, in the sense of "not feeling overheated." Besides, isn't there something romantic about hats? especially the lady- like hats? Speaking of which... Have you seen the film  " The end of the Affair"? If you haven't, you might want to do it...really, such a beautiful love story.  The book is also amazing but I'll get back to that later...if you had watched the film, do you by any chance remember all  those gorgeous hats? Julianne Moore's wardrobe in that film...just a dream. It is what vintage means for me...pure magic. Once I saw a documentary about WW2 and I couldn't believe how glamorous all those ladies in that period were... I mean I have seen it in movies, but only when I had seen the documentary had I realized that your average women was also looking that polished and groomed...All t