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The Woman and The Sea....Žena i more

I'm coming out of the library. The air smells of sea. Not just any kind of sea. Autumn sea. I almost forgot what it felt like but now I remember it all. The sea always has a way of putting everything into perspective. The new season is here. The magic has begun. I let the moment linger, possibly because my mind has been calmed by an hour of reading modern Croatian poets. Literature is such a comfort for the mind. Among the pages, we find answers we didn't even look for. Besides the scent of sea, the air is different in another way. The evenings are getting colder. What I'm wearing as I'm getting away the libary isn't a lot different from the outfit I illustrated a few days prior. Flare jeans and turtlenecks have always had its place in my closet. Berets are a long favourite of mine as well. The only thing I seem to lack is a poncho. That might be why I illustrated this one. A poncho with red and orange stripes, linined with red pom poms. Who knows maybe somebody ha