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 Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers. In this post, I will share an all black outfit with you. I've shopped my closet for this outfit. When your wardrobe is composed of clothing items you love, dressing up is never a chore. It is easy to find new ways to combine the clothing items you're already familiar with and know how to use and wear.  The weather these days is sunny and (sometimes) windy. The wind can be quite strong here so layering is a must. I opted for faux fur accessories for extra warmth, wearing both faux fur leg warmers and a faux fur stole. I just now realized these two items have identical looking black faux fur. That's just a nice confidence,though. I bought these two faux fur items separately. I will share outfit details  below, but first a few words about this lovely location: Spanish Square in Mostar.  Pozdrav dragi čitatelji i kolege blogeri. U ovom postu s vama ću podijelit potpuno crnu odjevnu kombinaciju. Ova potpuno crna kombinacija sastavljena je