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Be a tourist in your own hometown/ Budi turist u svom rodnom gradu

I'm a big advocate of the whole 'Be A Tourist In Your Own Hometown' thing...and if there isn't such a movement, there totally should be. If you remember, I blogged about this before, so not to repeat myself you can read this post.  If someone told me that I would feel cold  while wearing a puffer in April.... I know, who would have thought? Well, life is full of surprises and I for one am happy that is the way it is (most of the time anyway). I did feel a bit silly when I saw an old lady in a swimsuit,  right there on the most famous Split's beach but the bays are naturally secured from the chilly wind that I was facing while I explored my hometown on foot. When you are playing a tourist in your own hometown you should dress comfortably (and warmly). Ja sam veliki pobornik postajanja turistom u vlastitom gradu, a ukoliko taj pokret ne postoji, trebalo bi ga izmisliti. Ako se sje