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Al cuore non si comanda

To have a heart is both a blessing and a curse.  Sometimes it feels more like a blessing, sometimes more like a curse. You cannot command your heart, the proverb says. That much is true. It doesn't mean we should let the heart command us in everything we do. Like with everything in life, it's about finding balance. Plus, the heart can be a heartless little dictator! Let it rule your life and you might lose yourself while following its every caprice. Forsake it and risk loosing your humanity....Perhaps it is best to do its job while you do your own...and  I guess hurting is in the job description of a heart...and I guess we just have to endure it.  Imati srce je i kletva i blagoslov. Ponekad se čini više kao blagoslov, ponekad više kao kletva. Ne možeš srcu zapovijedati...tako kaže poslovica. Toliko je istina. No, to ne znači da srce nama treba zapovijedati. Kao i sa svime u životu, važno je pronaći ravnotežu. Uz to, srce zna biti mali bezdušni diktator! Dopusti d