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How to read more and/or transform yourself into a person that reads on daily basis? Learn these 7 reading strategies and start reading more right now!

1. Don't limit yourself to one format (try out digital and audio books). Nobody loves the old-fashion reading method more than yours truly, for there is nothing quite like holding a book in your hand. This physical aspect of reading can be quite important. Not to say anything about the aesthetic aspect. There are some incredibly beautiful book editions out there. I mean just beholding such gorgeous books can be rewarding in itself. However, there is no denying that modern reading has many benefits to offer. Audio-books can allow you to read while you're commuting or cleaning the house ( I will get into more detail later). Similarly, digital books (eBooks) allow you to access them at any time, you can easily download a book to your cell phone and read away ( no need to buy a kindle if you don't want to but I will get to that later). Really, audio and digital books are both affordable and practical. Besides, if you're opting for classical literature, you won&