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Fashion illustration of the day / Modna ilustracija dana 7.10.2016.

Hi there! How NOT to stay fit during Autumn? That should be my topic today because it seems that I'm doing a good job out of it. It turns out that all my talk about enjoying long Autumn walks was just that- only talk. I’ve been planning to spent as much time outdoors as possible (because I truly adore this time of the year), but somehow everything got in my way and I totally forgot about that decision/intention. I don’t think that rain is to blame, even if it didn’t exactly help. It all culminated this afternoon, when I went to buy some bread and I ended up being short of breath. How is it even possible to get out of shape in a few days? Maybe it is this cold I can’t shake of. I’m pretty sure I was in a fine (well decent) shape a few days ago. However, ever since it has started raining, I’ve been spenting even more time than usual reading and studying ( I'm not yet ready to stare what I'm studying, something new for me). Add working on some new exciting drawing projects to