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Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! How are you doing? Today I'll show you a mixed print outfit I wore for exploring Split, my home town. Moreover, I'll recommend a few places you can visit in Split city. Regular readers are perhaps already familiar with these sights. I have been in love with Split city all my life, so it makes sense that these places pop out on my blog often enough.  It was very hot on this particular day, but we still strolled around after taking care of some business. Split city is hard to resist, even in heat. As you will see, we also snapped a few photographs. We even did some shopping in Amadeus store (a Croatian brand). You can see what I bought in my next post.  I shopped my closet for this vintage styling  and I felt so cute in this outfit (more details bellow). Sometimes when it is hot, I actually like to wear  longer skirts and shirts because clothes can shield us from the sun. As long as the outfit is comfortable, that is what matters. This stri