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How to wear a summer dress in Autumn? Kako nositi ljetnu haljinu u jesen?

The first thing I really took notice of in Mostar city, back in the day, when I arrived to study here, were these trees. I'm still fascinated by them. If you want to know the story about them, you can read it one of my old blog posts (here.)

Kada sam stigla u Mostar na studij , prva stvar koja mi je zaista upala u oči bila su ova stabla. Još uvijek me oduševljavaju. Želite li znati njihovu priču, možete je pročitati u jednoj od mojih starijih objava (ovdje.)

I'm quite satisfied with the fact that I managed to style this cherry dress (here) for Autumn. Isn't it great when we manage to transfer a summer clothing item into our wardrobe for other seasons? I often see it as a fun challange. So, my answer to the question 'how to wear a summer dress in Autumn?' would be, 'wear a blazer over it, add a folklore bag and put on biker boots'. That way you will be embracing the folklore trend. In addition, biker boots make everything look cool.

Poprilično sam zadovoljna …