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I have promised to show you the most beautiful beaches island Hvar has to offer, haven't it? I intent to keep my promise. Today I'm taking you to bay Skozanje . Located on the southern side of island Hvar, this beautiful bay can boost with a stunning pebble beach. It offers amazing views as well. The area itself is very green, the bay is surrounded by a thick pine forest. Olive trees are another common sight. Bay Skozanje is one of the bays that belong to village Gdinj. As some of you know, both of my maternal grandparents originate from this charming little village, so I know my way around it. Yesterday I intended to show all the southern bays belonging to Gdinj to my significant other. This involved lots of driving but we managed to see them all. Today I'm sharing one of them with you.   I love Gdinj bays. This village was once quite big, but Gdinj's population got smaller with time as most people moved to cities. However, during the summer months this chan