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DIY: lederfarbe

Time for another DIY post and just in case you're too lazy to read this text or you don't have the time, there is one sentence summary that will tell you all you need to know. Recently I got these boots and was very pleased with them because they're both warm and comfortable,  but ( don't you just hate it when there's a but) the faux leather started to peel off right away. I wore them only once and this is what they ended up looking like. I repeat: only once.  Meditating over the issue for a while, I decided not to get rid of them because they are so warm and even more importantly because they were a gift. So, I bought some leather paint (different stuff than textile paints not only in structure but in smell as well. It pretty much smells like a road kill).  As you can see, the result isn't that great. However, this leather paint worked like a charm on leather shoes ( I used it on two pairs of leather shoes on spots where they