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What I wore today (new necklace) / Što sam danas nosila (nova ogrlica)

Today I'm presenting a new creation of mine to you. I have been working on this new statement necklace for a long time and now that it is finally finished I feel kind of relieved. I think this colourful necklace was the perfect finishing touch for this toned down outfit I wore today.  I tried to go for a sophisticated look, so that the accent is on this new pair of trousers. I would love to tell you the shop where I bought these pants that fit me like they were made for me but the truth is they were really custom made for me. Thank you Izeta, you're the best! In Mostar, Izeta needs no introduction...all the ladies know who I am talking about. My husbands kept telling me that I need to have a suit made for me, so I finally listened to him and ordered a blazer, pants and midi skirt from Izeta. It was a really nice experience. I enjoyed the measure taking (now I finally know how to make body measurements properly), fittings and all that. I could get used to  it. Danas vam