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A Sightseeing Outfit Plus Interesting Facts About Split City (part two)

Today's post is a continuation of this one .  If you remember last time we stopped at Peristyle, the main square during Roman times. Today Peristyle serves the purpose of 'Piazza Del Duomo', that is the cathedral's square. That's what we checked out last time. Now, we're going to continue walking through the narrow street (filled with cute shops) that leads to another square "Narodni Trg Pjaza" ( I suppose we could translate it as People's Square/Piazza). Narodni Trg , a city square that was a logical consequence of city's urban development, is a lovely place to visit. There are some really nice restaurant and coffee places there. This main city's square is quite photo/Instagram worthy as well.  I should know, since it's one of my favourite places in Split city. For centuries this place has been the centre of life in Split city, so it is definitely worth a visit. Maneuvering Split's Mediterranean narrow streets can be a challenge a