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Fashion illustrations of the day /Modne ilustracije dana 31.12.2016

Hi, how are you this evening? I'm fine, the cold (or perhaps a virus of some sort) is still bugging me (that is why I started posting less), but I'm managing. I can't believe it's already the end of the month. Lately I've been thinking a lot about balance. I'm trying to find balance. It's a tricky thing- finding balance in life. Not as easy as it might seem. If you think you know too much, you blind yourself and you close the path leading to knowledge and realizations. If you think you don't know anything, it is easy to become depressed and let the desperation take over. After all, we all need  foundation to build on. In order to build something (even if that something is ourselves), we need to start somewhere and make some assumptions. We should be able to see the good that exists within us, not only the bad. As important as self-critique can be, we shouldn't be overly harsh with ourself. We all have to start from somewhere.  Tonight, I've