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DIY (How to give an old bag a make over? / napravi sama (Kako preobraziti staru torbicu?)

This May I decided to challenge myself to make one DIY every day. In addition, I challenged myself to paint and draw every single day. So far, so good. Well, if we ignore the fact that I'm exhausted. That put aside, I've been occupied with many projects with a varying degree of success. I'm not sure if all the DIYs will make it to my blog, but at least some of them will. As a matter of fact, some of these DIY projects were already featured.  Today I will show you how to give your old bag a make over. This bag is faux leather and it became worn out. I've decided to make it fun by applying fabric paints to it. When it comes to faux leather,  to decorate it (i.e paint on it) you can also use nail polish and acrylic paint. However, if the bag you want to refresh is a leather one, I would recommend using leather paints. This DIY will take you about ten minutes, give or take a might depend on the drying time of the fabric paint you used. Ovog svibnja odluči