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Inspired by..../ Nadahnuta sa....

For those of you that are new to my blog, just a brief explanation. 'Inspired by...' is a feature I started some time last year. The concept is quite simple, I post my own illustrations of bloggers that have inspired me. You can see examples of this type of post here and here . I always include a link with the address of the blog that has inspired me, so feel free to check them out because they might inspire you as well.  This is the first 'Inspired by...' feature of this year. I'm opening it with a blogger I wanted to draw for ages, but because she's an amazing artist herself, until now I was too nervous to do it. Za vas koji ste novi na blogu, samo kratko objašnjenje. " Nadahnuta sa" je rubrika na mome blogu koju sam započela nekad prošle godine. Koncept je jako jednostavan, objavljujem svoje vlastite ilustracije blogerica ( nije isljučeno da će biti i blogera) koje su me nadahnule. Možete vidjeti primjere ovog tipa objave ovdje i ovdje .