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Hello dears! How are you doing? Today I have a feminine but comfy outfit proposal to share with you. This look consists of a turtleneck plus skirt formula layered with a green tartan blazer and a pair of camel boots. As the title would imply, this pair of heeled camel boots is very comfortable. A pair of shoes that is both functional and stylish? What more could a gal wish for? I opt for these heeled camel boots whenever I want to be warm but still add some femininity to my outfits. It has gotten colder all of the sudden, there were even some snowfalls in the air yesterday (the snow didn't stick, though) here in Mostar. This is probably my last autumnal styling proposal of this year. I might wear this outfit in winter, but I will be sure to wear a coat over it. It's now too cold to rely just on blazers. BUNICA RECREATIONAL AREA NEAR MOSTAR (RIVER BUNA)  The location for these photographs is Bunica recreation area near Mostar. You guys know that I love Buna river, right? I have …