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Illusion (outfit post) / Iluzija (odjevna kombinacija)

tee: vintage, dress: vintage, sneakers: Azel majica i haljina : odjevno nasljedstvo/ patike: Azel  * all photographs by me/ sve fotografije sam ja uslikala Rereading The Great Gatsby on my granny's terrace. Wind in my hair and the feeling that time has stopped still. Deceptive as I know this feeling is, I let it absorb me...I allow myself to get lost in this illusion of stillness.  In reality, time I got to spend in Dalmatia this summer was unfortunately quite short. It wasn't typical vacation either as I had stuff to do. I did, however, take a lot of photos and many of them I'll share with you....Today  those photos are of  Gdinj, island Hvar. Which brings us back to beginning. Island Hvar. The outfit is very appropriate for the location (an almost abandoned old village) because practically everything I'm wearing is vintage and filled with nostalgia. Only the sneakers are a last year's purchase and they're practical