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Tbdress: a place to look for beautiful dresses!

Good morning! Today I'm presenting to you Tbdress online site. During the Summer, most of us ladies love to wear dresses. Well, this site is a good place to look for them because they do have a lovely selection of  dresses. What ever kind of dress you're looking for, be it a day time, maxi, bodycon, open back or long sleeved dress, you will probably be able to find something you like on their site. I particularly liked their selection of lace dresses, probably because I'm a great fan of this material. If you ask me, lace is a always a timeless, eleagant and a very feminine choice. link link link

Visiting Hutovo Blato in a pastel dress / Posjet Hutovom blatu u pastelnoj haljini

Today I'm taking you to nature park Hutovo blato (located in Bosnia and Herzegovina). This amazing natural habitat is a home to more than 240 migratory birds, so if bird-watching is your thing, this place should be on your bucket list. However, even if you don't like birds, rest assured that you can enjoy your visit because Hutovo blato has a lot to offer. It not just about birdwatching no, no. This mediterranean swamp is beautiful on its own and is an absolute joy to behold. Shall you visit it, you will surely enjoy some mesmerizing views. It is located only about 15 kilometres from the Adriatic sea, so don't be surprised if you sense the salt in the air. There is a lovely restaurant here where you can order freshly caught local fish. I ate there a few times, so I can vouch for it. In addition, I would highly recommend going for a boat ride. I took it once and it was a great experience. You can see photographs taken on that boat ride here and you can check out my previo