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Is Spring a good time to visit Split city? Je li proljeće dobro vrijeme za posjet gradu Splitu?

Is Spring a good time to visit Split? Absolutely. It is not only good time to visit it, it's a great time. The weather is warm and the city is not as crowded as it can get during the Summer. The prices are lower (the room we booked in Heritage Hotel Diocletian was only 30 euros). If you want an insider's advice, here it is. Split is gorgeous during Spring time.  If we're talking about late Spring it will probably be warm enough to go for a swim. Naturally, for those coming from colder climates even early Spring will be warm enough.   Historical and beautiful. Those two words are what comes to my mind first when I think of Split city. As a history geek, the first word is very important to me. However, the second word is very important as well. This city is stunning. The beaches are fantastic. The views are mesmerizing. Finally, there is the fact that I will always consider this town to be my own....and that my dear readers, that's priceless. Je li proljeće dobro vr