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Illustration of the day (Nature and us) / Ilustracija dana (Priroda i mi)

Good evening everyone! How are you? I'm sharing this illustration even though I haven't quite finished it. What I found most helpful in terms of productivity as a hobby artist is being consistent. I like everyone else obviously don't have entire days to devote only to painting. So what I do is that  when I don't have the time or the energy to do a proper painting, I try to set apart some time to do a sketch or a doodle. Because really you never know when a doodle or a sketch can be turned into a painting. In anything you do in life, if you invest time constantly, even if it is five minutes a day, you're likely to do some results. For example, if you're working on some creative project. Even if you set only a small portion of your time to spent on it, you might end up figuring it all out and finishing it earlier than you thought it was possible. How? Even if all you have to give is five minutes of work, those five minutes might make the subject linger in your