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illustration of the day (painting with make up)/ ilustracija dana (slikanje sa šminkom)


illustration of the day- ilustracija dana


Painting with make up.... Slikanje sa šminkom....


Oil painting (island Hvar)/ Ulje na platnu (otok Hvar)


Illustration of the day/ Ilustracija dana


Split city (oil canvas), grad Split (ulje na platnu)

finally finished:) konačno završeno:)

Two illustrations- Dvije ilustracije

I think I have already mentioned that I occassionaly use make up when drawing.  It is a great way to recycle. These two illustrations were with various shades and pen. One is more fairy-like while the other one is more realistic so the shades are used accordingly. The fairy isn't finished yet.
Mislim da sam već spomenula da povremeno koristim šminku kada crtam. To je odličan način za reciklirati stvari. Ove dvije ilustracije su nacrtane kemijskom i raznim sjenilima. Jedna je više vilinska, a druga realističnija, pa su sjenila korištena u skladu sa tim. Vila još nije dovršena.

Inspiration/ Inspiracija

As you can see, I have no lack of it paper, clothes or canvas.
Kao što možete vidjeti, ne nedostaje mi bio to papir, odjeća ili platno.

Illustration of the day/ ilustracija dana


I wear my paintings...Ja oblačim svoje slike....

There is more than one way to show your paintings to the world. When it comes to painting on clothes, let me tell you it really isn't that much different from painting on canvas (and canvas is made of cotton just like this shirt) .
 I've written about textile paints so many times, so not to repeat myself, feel free to check out the technique herehere , here , here, and here. (I could  probably find a dozen more links, that's how often I posted about it. If anyone is interested, I can always put all of them in one post)
This post is actually  a continuation of the one posted before the last post ( the interview). The outfit is pretty much the same, the only difference being the shirt I'm wearing. Summer is giving way to Autumn slowly, so carrying one long sleeved clothing item  in your bag is usually a good idea.
Postoji više od jednoga načina da pokažete svoje slike svijetu. Kada se radi o slikanju na odjeću, ono zaista nije puno različito od slikanja na platnu ( slika…

Interview with Pini Hamou

Seeing his works for the fist time, I was mesmerized by their complexity, artistry, refinement, visual richness and abundance of meaning. Pini Hamaou is a brilliant photographer from Israel. He has kindly agreed to do an interview with me. To see more of his works visit his website.  

1. As a photographer what do you find most challenging?
As a photographer, it's important for me to move forward and to find new ways and techniques. I don't want to repeat myself. Usually we humans like to stay at our comfort zone, at places we know. The will to change is very important for our personal development.

2. Many of your photographs seem to have a message of some kind. What do you think good photography should convey?
In my view a good photograph must create interest with the viewer. It must tell him a story, or pass an idea. The aesthetics of the picture is important, but more important is the idea behind it. 

 3. In your experience,  how much of what happens in front of camera is sponta…