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Two outfits, one necklace / Dvije odjevne kombinacije, jedna ogrlica

Both of these outfits I wore today but let's get real, the second one is the only one I wore in public.  I have just got back from the city soaking wet and kind of relieved I didn't break my neck. Walking in high heels when it is raining cats and dogs and the streets are covered with slippery dead leaves...let's just say it is not a good idea. Well, at least I had the sense to wear a faux leather coat (but that's second outfit let's get to the first one). This first outfit was something I tried on because I wanted to see how it will look and I'm happy I did. I will keep it in mind and possibly wear it again. I absolutely love this new cape faux fur coat that dresslink kindly send to me, but it will have to wait for a day that is not as rainy as this one. My sister-in-law suggested that I order this faux fur cape coat, so that we have something to wear over the more formal dresses (i.e. those we wear to the weddings). It is perfect for that purpuse and I'm