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Do my wings look too big? Jesu li mi krila prevelika?

Do my wings look too big? Jesu li mi krila prevelika? This little sketch came to be when an idea came to my mind....It was when I thought how ridiculous it would seem if you had an angel second guessing her/his/its (pick the pronoun you prefer) most prominent feature- the wings. However, isn't that what most people do on daily basis? Question and second guess the way they look? Complain about the way their body looks like?  What fascinates me in today's world is that somehow everyone is made to feel bad about the way they look. No matter your body type or size, there is constant presumption that you have to change something in order to look good and be attractive. However, this ideal body seems elusive at best. How can we define it? If one is skinny one is constantly suspected of suffering from some kind of eating disorder. You are always reminded what a bad example you are for others and made to feel guilty....and if you're not skinny than you must be doing