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Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! Today I'm taking you to a historical fortress overlooking Ljubuški city in Herzegovina. Located on a strategic position, at a high of almost 400 m (396 to be precise), this magnificent fortress offers truly breath-taking views.  The fortress is assumed to have belonged to Herzeg/ Grand Duke Stjepan Kosaca (alternative spelling Styepan Kosacha /Stjepan Kosača) and was built in 15th century. From what I have managed to find online, it is believed that  built this fortress after solving a dispute with his sons. Although it is possible that the Grand Duke built it on remains of another older fortress or just adapted a much older fortress, its construction is commonly attributed  to him and dated to 15th century. What is certain is that the fortress indeed belonged to him at some time, as there are historical records proving just that.  The Grand Duke was one of the most powerful people of his time and there are many folk tales about him. This is