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Book review/ Ogled knjige (Suzana Mussiow, Kraljica Moraye)

Unfinished. Today I'm sharing with you two things: an unfinished watercolour and an unfinished story. This watercolour is a reproduction or at least that is what it was supposed to be but I never got around to finishing it. So, what we have here is a painting I'm not sure I will finish and a book whose sequel I won't read. The reason why I won't read the sequel is not because I dislike the novel, but simply because the sequel hasn't been written yet. Who knows will there be a sequel at all?  Kraljica Moraye literally translated means Queen of Moraya. I suppose this novel could be described as a historical romance. It is set in the eighteen century. The protagonist is a young lady who travels to meet her future husband. She is a headstrong but kind person who was raised by a strict aunt. As one could assume (taking the genre into consideration), she doesn't arrive safety to her destination but gets kidnapped instead. What follows is an adventurous story feat