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Plavo drvo( odjevna kombinacija) / Blue tree (outfit post)

jacket/jakna: vintage+ DIY, sneakes/ tenisice: umbro, the rest/ostalo: no name  My posts recently have revolved around painting to the point of being almost themed and I'll continue on that path by presenting clothes that I have decorated with textile paints myself. In nine out of ten cases, there is  DIY element in my outfit, but it has only lately occurred to me that I might create paintings on clothes ( thought I've used textile paints  for almost a  decade now).  This jacket is vintage, very warm (despite the sleeves) and that blue tree 'appeared' on it in the Spring. I'm presenting it only now because last Friday was the first day when it was actually cold enough for me to wear it. If I recall well, I was feeling pretty miserable hence the lack of any make up. However, I ended up quite liking this casual 'no brainer' outfit that wasn't really meant for the blog (but then again I never plan blog outfits or posts). On anothe