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Photo diary / Fotodnevnik 2.4. 2015 (MAKARSKA, DRVENIK, ISLAND HVAR)

Hello! In this post, I shared photography taken on second of April 2015. At the end of the post, you'll find my original words and post. However, I decided to add a little update to this post. * Today on tenth of March 2024, I decided to update this travel post with links to other travel posts. REVISITING JELSA ON ISLAND HVAR, CROATIA! (  2023 DESTINATIONS CROATIA: VISIT MAKARSKA CITY (  2019 Makarska city. Located in Dalmatia, a region of Croatia, this little town is a big touristic hot spot. Makarska city is a well know Croatian destination and as soon as you set foot into this town, you will understand why. Once you have a look at the majestic mountains overlooking this town, and see for yourself how beautiful the beaches are, you won't have to ask why is this place so popular. This whole area is a top destination, so if you want to visit it before it gets crowded with tourists now is the perfect time. If you want you c