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How To Find Best Photo Worthy/ Instagrammble Places In Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (part 1)

Today I'm back with another post featuring tips for finding photograph worthy locations, and this time I'm writing about Mostar. The second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a touristic hotspot. I've been living in Mostar for about nine years now, so I think that makes me pretty qualified to share some recommendations. If you want to know how to find gorgeous photography locations in Mostar, read on.  1. HILLS AND OTHER ELEVATED PLACES In any place you visit, hills and elevated places of any kind are always a safe bet for snapping a great photograph. Most people are naturally driven to an elevated view.  A bird eyes perspective is not only very attractive, but supposedly it also contributes to a feeling of happiness. There are two kind of spots that allow you an elevated spots: natural (hills, mountains)  and artificial (buildings and other contructions). In Mostar you can find both, but natural views are particually stunning in Mostar. As the