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Princess for a day....Princeza na dan....

You know I've been wondering about something. Why do we ladies love fairytales? Why do we like stories about princesses so much? Why do we enjoying dressing up? Some may say that it is just in our feminine nature to enjoy dressing up but that answer is to simplistic for my taste. If it is in our nature, what does it mean? What does it say about us? Sometimes the right answer to a question is another question. That is what I have learned in life. Never be afraid to ask the next question.  Speaking of us ladies and of our love for dressing up, I think there is more to it than it meets the eye. I think we woman are often perfectionists. We  try to make everyone happy. We aspire to be the best version of ourselves and we work hard to make our lives as beautiful as they can be. Afterall, why should we? What is wrong with that? Why wouldn't we dream about beauty? Sometimes we all need that escape....espace into daydreaming, espace into creativity, espace into fantasy....and isn