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My 10 Tips to Help You Reduce Holiday Stress and Enjoy a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve is upon us and before you know it'll be Christmas morning. Even for the biggest Christmas enthusiasts, the holiday season can get stressful. It is such a shame to let stress steal the joy out of the season to be merry, isn't it? I have been thinking about this lately and I think I came up with some simple and easy ways to help reduce holiday related anxiety and stress. So, I decided to write down my tips for reducing holiday stress. I hope you'll find them helpful and useful. Do share your own holiday survival tips if you have any or your thoughts if you find this subject interesting. Do you enjoy the holiday season? How do you prepare for it? I wish you all merry and stress free holidays. 1. Be grateful for what you have. Maybe your holidays aren't turning up the way you planned or hoped for.  With everyone expectations set so high, it is easy to succumb to holiday blues. Maybe you can't celebrate the holidays with your family. Maybe