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What To See and Do in Hutovo Blato Nature Park in Summer? Exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina's Hidden Gems #1

What you know, Europe still has its fair share of secret spots! Seeing these photographs, you'd think I was somewhere in a tropical jungle of some sorts, but you'd be wrong as these images were taken in Hutovo blato , a nature park and bird reservoir located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is quite close to border with Croatia, so if you're visiting our Adriatic coast, do consider stopping by here as well.  Hutovo Blato is mostly composed of marshlands (wetlands) and it is a stunning natural area to visit. The photographs I'm sharing today were taken a year ago, the last time I visited this bird & nature park during summer. My visits to this nature park have been numerous indeed. The reasons for that is very simple: I really like it there. So, today I wanted to share with you all the things I love about this park and inform you about all the fun things you can do there during the summer. In case you don't already know about it, Hutovo Blato has a lot to offer. T

How To Style A Cherry Print Dress in Summer?

Recently I have written about different ways to style a summer dress (you can read that post here ), but truth be told, I'm not always that creative. Sometimes I want to simplify things and take it be easy. Sometimes I want to get ready in five minutes. When I feel like that, I tend to simply grab my favourite summer dress, a pair of  leather sandals and a cute bag. There is nothing new about this outfit, but sometimes you need to rely on your classics. Why not? Fashion isn't just about trying new things all the time, it's about finding joy in putting an outfit together! Fashion is also about wearing things you like and cherishing your favourite clothing items. That's my personal definition anyway. You've seen me wear this cherry print dress many many times. The bag and the sandals are spring purchases, but I've been wearing them non stop, so you must have seen them quite a few times as well. However, sometimes there is nothing wrong in relying on clothing item

What to Wear for Sightseeing: Outfit Proposal For Strolling Split city + Interesting Facts about Split City (part 1)

Dressing for sightseeing seems simple enough. You wear comfortable clothes, right? But what is the true purpose of sightseeing? Why taking vacation photographs you can brag with! I'm kidding, obviously, but while I firmly believe in the importance of living in the moment, we all know taking photographs is often a part of our daily lives. Photographs allow us to recreate moments and memories. Moreover, if you like fashion (or happen to be a travel/lifestyle/ fashion blogger or influencer) you'd also want your outfit to look cute. It's as much about you as the sights. What? We feel better when we're happy with what we wear. My outfit proposal of the way is comfy, but eye-catching. I wore an animal print top (that I've been wearing since my adolescent days), a vintage yellow skirt ( a part of a vintage suit I own) and sneakers. The result? An outfit I loved but felt comfortable wearing. And now let's talk a bit about the sights, shall we?  What makes the his

The Art of Layering a Summer Dress: Ivana's Guide For Easy Summer Layering (Part 1)

So, you've always wanted to layer in the summer. Boy, you've come to the right place! Let's start this ride with a fairy-tale. My favourite  fashion kind of fairy-tale. A girl meets a dress. ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A PERFECT SUMMER DRESS Once there was a perfect yellow dress. It was made of cotton and felt very comfortable to wear. Ivana fell in love in that dress and wore it all the time. It looked perfect worn on its own. It was simply the perfect summer dress. Yellow is the colour of summer, isn't it? Soon, however, Ivana decided that she wants to spice things up a bit and find other ways to wear that yellow dress. She wanted to layer it. How does one layer a yellow summer dress? Why, there are a number of options! Layering in summer,  can be a bit more tricky but it is by no means impossible. When weather is hot and sunny, we feel the impulse to simplify things. Nothing wrong with that. Layering is something we connect with the warmer mon