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Sundays are for Murakami (South Of The Border, West Of Sun) / Nedjelje su za Murakamija ( Južno od granice, zapadno od sunca)

Sundays are for Murakami. Indeed, this day seems perfect to write about this writer. I always felt there was something dreamy and melanchonic about Sundays. No wonder this Sunday got me thinking about Murakami, about Sputnik and South OF The Border, West of The Sun. This evening I shall speak only about the latter, but tomorrow, who knows? They say that Murakami is one of those authors you either love or hate. I can actually understand how his style of writing might not be for everyone’s taste, but I happen to love him. His unique writing style always had a sort of hypnotic power over me. I feel enchanted when I read his novels, almost like I’m entering some magical world.  Moreover, at times it is almost like I’m in the book myself, a silent observer, but nevertheless, a person very much present. Do you know that feeling when you feel a part of a book right from the start? You only started reading it but you already feel immersed in it? When the first sentences draw you in completely…