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 Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! How are you doing? Life seems to be coming back to normal slowly. Today I'll show you what I wore for a wedding in Herzegovina. The wedding was held in agricultural hotel and country house Marića Gaj. The wedding reception was a bit different because of the restrictions, but it all went well. My outfit was quite simple. You know what they say- when in doubt, wear a little black dress.  I wore a black A-line dress and a pair of leopard heels . I finished the look with a small black bag and a pair of earrings. Once again, I shopped my closet for this look.  HOW I STYLED THIS DRESS BEFORE? 11 WAYS TO STYLE A LBD   I actually wore  this cocktail dress  a few posts ago (remember the outfit where I layered a white tunics under it). I got about eleven wears from it so far, not bad considering I had it for about two years. I'm sure I'll get to 30 wears eventually. It is one of those dresses that are easy to style up and down. When I want to