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When in Doubt, Wear a Bold Print! Cherry Print Dress For a Visit To Medjugorje!

This week I disappeared for a few days, sorry about that. It was an unplanned absence, as my aunt informed me (after seeing a specialist on my behalf but without me knowing) that I might need an operation. I had to travel to a capital of another country for operation consultations. 20 hours on the road in two days, 18 of which spent in a bus. As if having to go under the knife again isn't stressful enough. I'm still recovering from it. I hate road traffic. If it was up to me, I would sail or fly everywhere. Alas, sometimes you can't find a flight when you need it the most. I did manage to get everything done. I scheduled the operation in about a week's time. I also had to visit one of the Universities in the capital to have my voice recorded. I will have to go in for another session after my operation.  The operation I'm getting is called thyroplasty/phonosurgery. It is a surgical procedure to cure a paralyzed vocal cord. I've lived with a paralyzed vocal cor

A Pastel Outfit For a Day In the Country (Goranci, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Today I'm sharing with you an outfit that is all about pastel shades. Interesting how this summer both pastel and crayon colours are trending, right? Not that I'm complaining. As much as I love the crayon red and yellow, sometimes I feel like wearing a pastel outfit. Dust and pastel shades are always a very feminine choice, aren't the? Moreover, pastels are easy to style. For example, pastel green and blue match nicely. Speaking of which, today look is very matchy-matchy on purpose. Sometimes I feel like wearing an outfit whose colours are complementary one to another. The brown sandals match the handle of the bag, and the bag itself matches the green and blue of the dress.  Nothing beats a little escape from the city, right? Goranci is one of my favourite places to relax  & chill. This charming little village is located in vicinity of Mostar city. It is a wonderful choice for outdoor activities, such as hiking, strolling or cycling. I visit it qu

Let's Talk About Art and Fashion

What to talk about today? About art or about fashion? About this Parisian chic outfit I'm wearing, or about an interesting oil painting that I'm working on? Maybe about both? I was just thinking how there are many similarities between art and fashion. In both art and fashion, one can find both sophistication and vulgarity, passion and calmness, elegance and roughness, tradition and rebellion. Within these contrasts, we look for ourselves. I don't think there are any wrong or right answers, I think there are only answers that are right at a certain point of your lives. We look for ways to express ourselves. Yin and Yang. Darkness and Light. Sometimes it is through contrasts that we learn. Sometimes things are black and white, sometimes they are gray. We live, we adjust and we search for meaning. Clothes are often seen as something non important or superficial. Sometimes people are  ashamed to admit that clothes interest them. Makes one think, doesn't it? Art is seen a

Fashion & Location Illustration of the Day ( Split, Croatia)

Why do location and fashion illustrating often go hand in hand? I found myself asking that question today. I love exploring all aspects of fashion illustration, because well it's something I'm passionate about, and I've pretty much always been into it. Seriously, my elementary schoolbooks are filled with fashion illustrations. Anyhow, as of late, I find myself wanting to make fashion illustrations that will be as much about the location as about the outfit. I know I'm not the only one. There are many fashion illustrators out there who do location illustrating as well. I'm not sure what is the secret connection, but location art sure gets along with fashion art. Inner design and architecture are often a part of fashion illustrations as well.  I would also add that both urban and nature landscapes seem to be match made in heaven with outfit illustrations. Interesting, isn't it? As I always say, fashion illustrating is a fascinating field. I suppose it is the same

How To Style 'Dad Sneakers'? Outfit Proposal : A Princess Sleeve Pink Dress Worn With Dad sneakers

Here comes an outfit proposal with dad's sneakers. Girl appropriate version that is. If you want to style dad's sneakers in a girly way, you can always try styling them with a girly dress. Makes sense, right? You can make any outfit more feminine by putting on a nice dress. If you want to add additional interest to your street outfit, why not wear a princess sleeve dress? A bit of statement sleeve goes a long way, don't you agree? A few days ago I shared an outfit proposal with this kind of sneakers and I'm already back with another.  Not the most prettiest of sneakers, dad's sneakers are not going anywhere. Even the most fanciest of fashion brands have embraced this trend. So, why not try rocking these babies? They might be ugly (in my eyes they kind of are), but they are probably one of the most anatomically correct shoe choices.  If you plan to do a lot of walking this summer, dad's sneakers might be just what the doctor ordered. Perh