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DIY Christmas cards / Uradi sam božične čestitke

this one is still work in progress/ ova još nije gotova The great thing about making your own Christmas cards (or any cards for that matter) is that you don't need to buy any supplies or materials (no need to run down to a hobby shop) , take any classes or participate in any workshops to be able to do it. You may use whatever you like, cut an image from some magazine, a piece of fabric or paper napkin and just glue it to a paper or cardboard. You might use old Christmas decorations, make up or nail-polish, anything really. I think that the most important thing is to make them personal and I believe that the person you give it to or send it to will appreciate the special effort you took to make them.  To me it made sense to use  my own illustrations as well as to make some new ones (but you may use whatever you like). In addition, I used other things I found in my home, such as cardboard (from used packaging) , make up supplies (cotton pad