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Green eyes, pink lips / Zelene oči, roze usne

POST UPDATE: ANOTHER PAINTING  I know I have shared this painting before, but in the meantime I decided that it is not really finished, hence I  added a few finishing touching. Here is my final version. Maybe. Who knows? Perhaps I will decided that I need to fix it up again. I quite like this face. It looks friendly. Interesting how some paintings seem to have a life of their own. Speaking of which.... How has life treating you lately? I still haven't gave up on multitasking while I'm drying my hair (because my hair is so thick I need to kill time). Remember how I told you how  I accidentally dropped a book in the sink while I was drying my hair ( here )? Fortunately, the book had solid covers, so it wasn't damaged.  Tonight I did it again, just without dropping the book. I managed to read three pages of The Sandcastle by Iris Murdoch while I was drying my hair. Good for me:). The novel is fabulous btw. I'm sure I would love it! She's a brilliant writer. Have you