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Transitional Outfit : How To Style a Red Vintage Dress? (Sunny Spring Day Outfit Proposal #1)

Today I'm sharing with you a transitional outfit. I paired this red vintage dress with black leggings. I didn't wear a coat because the dress is warm enough on its own (at least it was on a very sunny day I wore it). Vintage dresses often come with under dresses and this one is no exception, so that makes them warmer for obvious reasons. I did wear leggings with this one,  because for my taste it is still not time to go bear legged. I opted for pink heels, because I like how pink and red looks together. How do you like this transitional outfit?  This red vintage dress used to be belong to my aunt. She gave it to me a few years ago. Last (and only time) I wore it on this blog was back in 2015 ( here ). I adore it. The cut is simply divine, and the colour is so eye-catching. The reason why I don't wear it often is because I'm afraid that I might damage it. It is such a beautiful vintage dress, though. I'm happy that I can call this f