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Cape (fashion illustration of the day) / Plašt (modna ilustracija dana)

moja modna illustracija/ my fashion illustration   my fashion illustration (watercolour) / modna ilustracija (vodene boje)  Lately, I've been illustrating capes pretty often. I guess it is just one of those trends that caught my eye. I know it is not exactly practical for everyday wear, but there is something truly glam about a cape. Perfect choice for a special occasion? Perhaps it really is. You will probably be noticed if you wear a cape. I think I would probably wear one if an opportunity ever presents itself. What about you? The cape on this illustration is red, while the dress and the heels are blue. Red and blue is one of those colour combinations I really like and I can't never get tired of it. I think this look goes well with big hair and no jewellery. What do you think? U zadnje vrijeme, često ilustriram plašteve. Pretpostavljam da je to jedan od onih trendova koji mi je upao u oko. Mislim da nisu baš praktični za svakodnevne kombinacije, ali plašt im