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Eternal city (part one)...Vječni grad (prvi dio)

All roads lead to Rome is an ancient proverb that makes sense in more than one way. Rome is also known as the eternal city. After spending a few days there, I can certainly see why. So much history... so much to see and so little time... I'm not going to tell you about the places you must visit because I haven't seen them all myself.  I'll just show you the places that I have visited myself. It was on an organized trip, I had a guide and that like everything  else has its pros and cons . Discovering city by yourself is always fun, but when you're going somewhere for the first time it is practical to have someone to show the city to you. However, I still wish I have had at least a bit of time to myself. I haven't actually drank this beer. I never drink any alcohol for health reasons. The salad was great.  This place where we had eaten was not far from Vatican but I can't remember the name. This is the  Papal Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls  (in ital

DIY blazer (outfit post) ----Ručni rad (sako)

Location: on the road:) somewhere between Mostar and Medugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Time: a year or so ago Mjesto snimanja: negdje između Mostara i Međugorja Vrijeme snimanja: prije godinu ili dvije