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Watercolour painting of the day (soul communication) / Akvarel dana (komunikacija duša)

Do you remember how only a few days ago ( here ) I said how I finally realized where I'm going with my paintings or rather what I'm trying to do? I realized that I'm attempting to make paintings that will look back at me. I'm not against selfies and modern photography trends as such, but I do miss the old kind of paintings and representations of women. When you had a feeling that an artist was trying to look into their souls. When there was more intimacy. When it was less about getting the perfect pose. When we looked each other in the eye. When we didn't turn ourselves and others into objects. Not that there aren't plenty of amazing photographers and artists nowadays. Don't get we wrong. I'm sure there are and I come across them often enough. What worries me are not the selfies or our desire to strike a pose. There is nothing wrong with that, with playing with the camera or figuring out our good angles. That is all fine unless it becomes an obsession