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I love Autumn (details from my home)/ Volim jesen (detalji iz moga doma)

 It has been a while since my last  feature 'details from my home'. This time I'm posting about some of my DIY Autumn decorations but I've also included a few of my new illustrations. Enjoy! Prošlo je dosta vremena od zadnje serije "detalji iz moga doma". Ovog puta objaviti ću neke jesenje dekoracije koje sam sama napravila, ali sam uključila i par mojih novih ilustracija. Uživajte! DIY Autumn decorations “I think the seasons complete me- for once autumn comes I can fall freely along with every leave. I do not have to bloom, yet, I must die in every delicate line of October.” Laura Chouette “I feel you calling, in the autumn sweet transformation. I have reached my brightest green to the gold burning sun. I have folded my colours into the wind, bright colours taken to the sky. My silk has gone to moisture in the rising atmosphere and I am your colours again, deep and warm. I hear your calling and I answer, I come back to you, to slip inside th